Sunday, June 05, 2016

2015 - Conundrum of Nature


It was on early February I knew that I am moving to San Diego. When I started to share my new destiny , many people were not only amazed , but shocked and jealous. Poor me,I even don't know  what it means to me as i was driven by the immigration chaos , that hunted me for some time. Living in the small cities and small towns in mid west as a student and a professional were only the experiences I had in US. I had never been to San Diego but that's where I am living eternally now.

" San Diego is a city on the Pacific coast of California known for its beaches, parks and warm climate. Immense Balboa Park is the site of the world-famous San Diego Zoo, as well as numerous art galleries, artist studios, museums and gardens. A deep harbor is home to a large active naval fleet, with the USS Midway, an aircraft-carrier-turned-museum, open to the public"( encyclopedia). Interestingly if you drive around 20-30 minutes , you will reach so called Mountains -(weird, expecting more ramification of the word Mountain or wondering about the relativity the word ), Desert and the beautiful beaches,  the conundrum of nature that not only brings the excitement but also brings the chaos and deeper questions  on the epistemology of Geography - at least for a person like me who have little knowledge on history and geography. With the unique position in the Geography, from equator and west facing pacific ocean, Southern California's weather can only be compared to the handful of cities in the world.

When I arrived in San Diego in last week of February 2015,  The cold was  gone, nothing compared to heartland of America, Kansas City. What really amazed me was not only the beaches that I never had opportunity to grow with - (Nepal is a land locked Country) but mostly the terrains of up and downs resonates what  I used to see back in Nepal from my bed room. I was totally surprised to see the different floras that are similar to Nepal's terrain from Eucalyptus to Pine Trees and the beautiful flowers across the cities and highways.It is phenomenal to be the part of this beautiful nature.

The word Mountain in Southern California is pretty funny and skewed  - not only in the altitude but also the lack of floras and faunas. Although I was pretty uncomfortable on using the word mountains in the beginning because mountains  have a notion of snow capped mountains with thousands of meters in altitude, snow capped all year. I prefer to use the word hill stations.

Hiking in San Diego surrounding is fun. Point Loma is one of the favorite place where I have been many times. Cowles mountain is another beautiful hike from where you can see the Mexico ,  bay area and pacific. Hiking around the Torrey Pine beach is awesome as you see the beautiful beaches, blue ocean and insanely crazy surfers.

As the beaches expands more than 70 miles in San Diego County, Its always fascinating to go to the beaches - without hassles of parking and crowds.

During the year 2015, I had great opportunity to roam around the city, taste different foods - I would have never thought of , and hike many places. I am blessed to have this wonderful moments . Some of the restaurant I love were Sardina, Sushiya, Mimi and Koreans.

Its been more than a year , I am living in San Diego and life has never been so adventurous and full of joy with nature and awesome weather. What about your experience?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Road Trip - Kansas City to San Diego in Nutshell

Traveling all the way from the Geographic Mean of United States to the south west city , San Diego was really exciting and fun. I had traveled to Acadia National Park couple of years back on 2009 and it just look so amazing  when I see the map that I have been  to North Eastern City to South Western City. It was so phenomenal to experience the scale effect of this country when I compare to Nepal which is just a size of Colorado.

I was very much occupied with I-70 route when I realized that I am moving to San Diego for a new job, traveling Colorado,Utah, Arizona, Nevada and finally to California. I decided to take this route to experience the natural beauty of these states instead of another route down to Oklahoma and New Mexico. Ah , I traveled more than 1700 miles. That is almost equal to three times  distance from east of Nepal to West of Nepal.
US - Source Google Map

Day 1: I left Kansas City in early morning and started to drive west. As  I started to head west, the terrain looks cunningly flat, the ranches and fields across the flat land was clearly showing how big this country is. For the first time, I saw the military barracks and some helicopters in the central  United States, It was just different feelings for me because as I  used to move across the Nepal's terrain, the strategic place would have been always occupied by the Nepalese Army. I never saw that in the United States.  Another amazing fact was how much money have been spent for the windmills and alternative energy in the western part of the Kansas. Although the alternative energy whether its a solar energy or windmills or tidal energy ,  is gaining consensus among the scientific communities, business and the government as a sustainable energy source, the aesthetic looks of these big towers looks like monsters on the middle of the earth and controlling the entire universe.  The monotonous rotation of three rotors that are 120 degrees apart make it seamlessly connected but scary on how these thousands of rotors rotate seamlessly in the middle of the nowhere. This clearly shows the nature is far beautiful than what human imposed on top of it. 

Finally, I landed into small city just west of Denver, the George Town which is  6,000 Ft  in altitude. As i looked from the window of my hotel, it lies in between the two big mountains and looks phenomenally beautiful.  The chain stations located along the high-way was showing how difficult and cold the winter will be across the Colorado , and particularly Denver area but the terrain and beautiful mountains keeps pushing me on the fantasy of Nepal's mountains and hill stations. 

Day 2: The other day as  I moved further west in I-70 and pass through the cow dung fields, it was nothing but big gigantic mountains and rock formations in the Utah. I am not a Geologist but i am pretty sure many of them have spent seamless night studying and doing epimestic studies of these giant rocky mountains. As we pass the Fishlake National Forest and move further towards I-15 South.  The I-15 passes through the narrow  corridor of the Arizona where the mountains meets with humanity, those mountains resemblance more like what we used to have in Nepal. It was phenomenal, it was beautiful, it was gorgeous , It was awesome. Finally , I arrived at beautiful place called Baker at California. someone in the hotel was greeting with me " welcome to California ". Ah! I remembered the Hotel California by Eagles. I just realized how beautiful that song is and how beautiful the California is. 

Day 3: As I wake up early in the morning, for the first time in my life after so many years, I saw hill stations from my bed room.  Wow! is it Nepal - I was wondering about it forever but soon realized that its time to move further south towards San Diego. Black Crow was there, seeing the crow after so many days was hilarious.  After driving for more than four hours, passing the west of Los Angeles further to the south, the San Diego county looks very beautiful with green fields. Finally , I realized that I am in the beautiful place in the world.  San Diego was saying to me " Welcome to your new home, ;) " , I said " Thank you!" The flowers all around the places, I can see most of the flowers and plants that I see back in Nepal, twenty minutes drive will take me to the beautiful beaches, 25 minutes drive will take me to the mountains like Cowles and 30 minutes drive will take me to the desert.  Its really fortunate to live in the  diverse intersection  of Geography and wonderful weather you cherish every moment in your life.  San Diego welcomes you ;)