Thursday, May 31, 2007

Civilization and Superiority


The second longest holiday, the may holiday has started in the first week of the month. Everywhere in the town, especially in front of railway station and Bus Park students were moving with their suitcases and luggage’s. It was funny when a Chinese guy and a girl told me that I look like an American, I laughed at myself for a long time. I told them that I am from Nepal and they were happy to say “Niboer” is our neighbor country. In the night, we heard banging’s and firecrackers, the crazy celebration of May holiday again.

The week started with long and lousy hot days as mercury was rising faster than ever. We went to meet our friends at Nanjing Normal University as it was one of the place we used to visit often in the holidays as guys were cool, we find good companionship to laugh and enjoy and talk about our country and experiences in this different but beautiful land.

The same afternoon, we were amazed when two guys from an England and Denmark approached us suddenly and said that they were tourist and wants a company in the night as they were new to the town. We were surprised and confused but we realize that it’s difficult to be a tourist here alone without the aid of someone.

We went to Talking Point, had pizzas and spaghettis. In the evening, we went to corner of Nanjing normal University. It looked like a typical street shop of Kathmandu at night; where dozen of us gathered in wonderful evening in the shade of green trees. I feel we were at the heart of Kathmandu as the surrounding was incredibly Nepali as most of us were Nepalese. I look around the place; it was a beautiful night, the quiescent environment and clear blue sky. We talked about different aspects of life as usual from political environment in Nepal to development beyond the borders. This is the place where the east meets the west as there are influx of foreign students, transnational peoples and completely multicultural environment. This is the place where you see different peoples murmuring different languages and laughing and enjoying in the open sky in gentle wind giving glimpse of the single world under an open umbrella.

Later friends from Estonia, Armenia and Russia joined us. I looked at the blue-sky underneath from the green-trees. There were no stars in the close proximity, it was already 2 in the morning and guys were still busy drinking. I had brief conversation about philosophy of religion with Estonian guy who believed more in Buddhism although he is an atheist. I invited him to visit Nepal. He had been learning traditional martial-art,"tai-chi" for couple of years and hopes to be the instructor in his country after leaving ski-instructing job.

As usual we went to 1912 street to enjoy the night life again to hear the bits and bytes of music and the dancing environment. The night passed very quickly and the morning was placidly quiescent again. As we were used to with public transportation, early in the wee-hours bus looked completely deserted and empty. As the bus stretches inside the city, peoples were busy stretching their bodies in public parks; elder’s peoples were doing “tai-chi”. It was fun just peeping through the windows traveling inner concentric of cities before landing quietly in the school and lying in the bed.

On another hot day, we visited Dr. San Yat-Sen scenery spot. In Chinese history he is known as "The Father of the Revolution" or "The Father of the Republic." In the West he is considered the most important figure of Chinese history in the twentieth century. As a revolutionary, he lived most of his life in disappointment. For over twenty years he struggled to bring a nationalist and democratic revolution to China and when he finally triumphed with the establishment of the Chinese Republic in 1912 with him as president

The beautiful and professional lady chauffer drove us to the front of the Pipa Lake. As we move around the places, it was perfectly a natural, a small lake surrounded by the greeneries and giant wall on the other end. The place is also popular for bride and bride groom to take the pictures as we saw many of them with their beautiful smile on the road to their new life. The park was well maintained and everywhere there were wooden-flooring. As we circle the entire park, hammocks were everywhere, couples and children’s were in utopia. We headed towards the botanical garden. The garden was a big one; there were so many things to look however we feel more attracted by the rose gardens and the rope-bridges. The garden has green house where all the plants species were collected, the botanist and students were busy collecting samples. Finally, the climax of the day arrived as we make our way to the purple mountain through the rope-way. Although, the rope-way was old and rusted but it was very long rope-way. The environment was calm and emotional when the rope-way moves slowly towards the top of Purple Mountain that stretches couple of kilometers from the base. As we view the Nanjing, the city looks elegantly beautiful with lakes and greeneries along with big mansions like a bamboo shoot in springs which make it more alluring. We were greeted by many children’s in the air and were happy to greet them back. The mind became completely vacant and submerged into the relaxation when the rope-way moves higher and higher but slowly and gently towards the top of the hill. Many of the foreigners were visiting the place and we realized that this is one of the best places in Nanjing to move around. From the top, we see the fascinating view of the Nanjing city. We stayed on the rock and inhale the fresh air at the top of the purple mountain with the majestic views. Later, we made our way back as the sun was becoming dim. When we touch the leaves of the trees from ropeway, we feel it more natural and pleasant. At the end of the day, we made our way to the Shinjekou, have pizza and were back to the school.

The short Flight- MU2807 (D+1)

It was not oceanic flight of 815 from Australia to Los Angelos mesmerized in The Lost. Neither we were lost in virtual island somewhere in the pacific rim forever and seamlessly waiting for someone to rescue nor there was a Jack or intrinsically sober Julia nor fat but cunning Harley with us. Nor I am the Kean, a computer-whiz that’s missing in the architect of the Lost if I had ever written the script. We were in holiday trip for five days from 8th may to 12th May from Nanjing to Guanzhou, a southern china flight MU2807 of one hour and forty five minutes. We reached the airport at early in the morning. The traffic was not hustling and bustling, the highway looks placidly quiescent. As usual every Chinese airport is expanding every year so the construction was everywhere and the airport looks sophisticated and fully automated so we don’t have long queue and have hassle less security clearances. We finished the security clearances and were waiting for more than hours in terminal to board the flight. Flying in the sky is lousy and it’s most disgusting part of the journey although I used to love at the beginning to crunch my curiosity that’s in my mind from the time I was a kid. The announcements were continuous in frequent interval and Chinese English seems very funny and dry. We can only sit, eat, sleep or read in the sky inside the slandered hollow chamber. As airplane starts to leave the ground and take altitude we feel current of waves passing through our nerves due to drastic change in altitude. We can see the beautiful Nanjing from the small window of the plane. The city looks very beautiful with enough greenery and beautiful landscape. Eventually we were flying high in the sky to cover the air distance of more than 1200 kilometers. The announcement and safety precautions from the cock-pit were most of the time about altitudes and refreshments. Almost all the seats were filled by foreigners as we were more than hundred students. Noticing it, the air-hostess glanced us and repelled with shyness. It was a little but delicious breakfast, an orange juice, bakery products and some Chinese noodles. I opted for bakery stuffs as noodles sucks for me in China. I finished few short stories by Hemingway; it was nice time reading short stories in the flight when I had nothing to do at all in the early morning. The city looked very big as I peep through the window as we were about to land. Apparently, we landed at the Guanzhou airport. As we were getting outside from the airport, our tour guide, Gabin, A smiling and funny but fat Chinese guy was already waving us to guide through the next five days of exotic trip. The trip became funny when one of our friends was lost in the airport. We were delayed for more than one hour and were able to trace him later in the airport where he was stacked and seemed in despair. Obviously the problem must have been the communication.

The Hustling Canton City (D+1)

Guangzhou was the capital city of Guangdong province with more than twelve millions of population located in south-east part of china. It’s the economic hub of china where international trade and business is growing exponentially every year to generate millions of employment and foreign currency. Guangzhou, also called Canton, Kuang-chou, or Kwangchow or ram city. It is a busy port and a commercial and industrial center on the Zhu Jiang (Pearl River). Manufactures include processed food, textiles, steel, paper, cement, fertilizer, chemicals, motor vehicles, and machinery. The city, which is served by an outer deepwater port at Whampoa (Huangpu), is linked by rail with Hong Kong and Beijing. About 15 percent of China's foreign trade is conducted here. A leading educational center of China, Guangzhou is the site of Zhongshan (Chung-shan or Sun Yat-sen) University (1924), a school of medicine, a technical university, and an agricultural institute. Landmarks in the city include Sha-mien (Shameen) Island, where foreign traders formerly lived; a Ming dynasty (1368-1644) temple, now the Peasant Movement Institute; a pagoda in the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees; a 14th-century watchtower (now Guangzhou Museum) in Yue Xiu (Yue Hsiu) park; the blue-roofed Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall; and a mosque said to be the oldest in China.

As we move towards the city, the city seems very crowded and rusted. Traffic was a serious problem and the roads were snaky running almost at the top of the building. Realizing the serious problem, the city has banned motorbike; nevertheless the problem seems not addressed at all. Eating in Guangzhou is very popular from the ancient time. There is saying that people eat everything except man. The SARS outbreak started from Guangzhou and more than 370 died of this deadly disease.

We were drove to the Ersha Island that’s located in the delta region of the Pearl River outskirt of city. Pearl River or Zhu Jiang is the third largest river of china that stretches from southeast from Guangzhou to the South China Sea. The suburb is the place where foreign diplomats and elites lives where we can see the beautiful houses and international school. The bank has big mansions that look very rigid and straight in the mid hot day. We managed to get outside from the bus and took some snaps at the bank of Pearl River which looks magnificent on the hot day. We were warmly greeted by traditional song and music when we arrive to have a lunch. It was fun to see beautiful Chinese girls singing with warm hospitality. The lunch was excellent. After lunch, we made our way towards the Dr. San Yat Sen Commeration Hall. The Commoration Hall was the first hall developed in western style for the meeting of the top officials of china.

As the coach moves up and down in the busy road of the Guanzhou, I feel like watching the spider man again with tall sky scrappers and layered snaky bridges in different hierarchy that stretches through the top of the building. Sometimes I feel I am playing the Ferrari game in early 90’s in the old computer at my home passing through the different tunnels and surprisingly artificial roads. The greenery of city is maintained cautiously as of Nanjing and it seems that city is pre-planned although it’s very old. We went to see the city’s monument, the monument of five rams, the art of fine sculpture and history. The fairy tale about it was more amazing to hear. Later we went to the Beijing road, the shopping road of Guangzhou. As usual bargaining was always tough and women were wooing hard to sell Rolex watch in every corner that starts with less than 20 RMB. Finally, we were driven back to our hotel. The communications seems easier than before.

Walking at Night (D+1)

We were lucky to meet two Nepali origin girls. It was difficult for us to locate them as we were not able to traverse the huge city that looks severely complicated with so many peoples. However, we ask the chauffer to talk with girls who were studying basic Chinese language for couple of months, a part of their medical study. The girls look happier even though sometimes they talk about home. We went to 1920 street and look at the Pearl River. The river was sparkling and splashing in the night with the cold breeze. We can see the beautiful and elegant mansions alongside the two banks of the river and their images moving in water with splashing sound. The ferry was passing through the beautiful arched-bridges in parallel that connects northern and southern Guangzhou at almost equidistance. The environment was quiet and it seems that the place is for relaxation as we can see young lads having good time in the bank of the river after hectic day. We walk through the long bank of the river and were shocked for a while when the lights were off but later realized that it was the daily schedule. Finally we made a way towards face-off, a disco club. The place looks very crowded and has two chambers playing different genre of songs. There were couple of foreigners and it seems that youngsters are more professional in dancing than in Nanjing. Finally, we made our way to the hotel, surprised to see different English channels including CNN but felt asleep in no-time after hustling day, traveling for more than thousands of kilometers.

The end of Road (D+2)

Early in the morning we headed towards another city of the Province, the Shenzhen city. Located on the border with Hong Kong, Shenzhen and the area around it became China’s first Special Economic Zone in 1980. The city with population of merely eight million. Shenzen is the new city of the china that was developed in 80’s for the sole purpose of international trade and business. The Chinese government established Special Economic Zones when it began to open the economy to foreign investors. These zones offer lower tax rates than the rest of China and other incentives to investment. Before 1980, Shenzhen, then called Bao’an, was an undeveloped town of 20,000 inhabitants. It grew rapidly once it became a Special Economic Zone. Its central location between Hong Kong and Guangzhou also made it an ideal place to locate industry. Light industry, especially the production of arts and crafts, textiles, footwear, clothing, medicines, and building materials, is important to the city’s economy. It is said that for money we have to go to Shenzhen, food for Guanzhou and Zhuhai for living.

It was 10:05 in the morning; we were in the mid-way in-between Shenzhen and Guanzhou. We pass through banana farming, glimpse of agricultural and industrial revolution. The English hoarding boards were more common. The continuous movement of trucks and logistic carrier clearly gives the importance of the city as a transport and logistic hub. Every side along they way, there were many huge industries and mansions.

As I get off from the bus, I was amazed to see the places, tall mansions were leaning towards me shining and sparkling in the beautiful evening. The place seemed little crowded and clean. I feel I was in land of Zion, described in some English songs, people looks beautiful. Everything seems to be in order and was not in chaos. Even the green trees along the roads and the height of the buildings were homogenous. I feel this is the extreme beauty human can endeavor and feel with bare eyes. I never thought that the development roads will end somewhere like this but I believe this might be the end of one facet.

The proto-type (D+2)

After traveling for few hundreds of kilometers from Guangzhou and having a lunch at hot day. We visited splendid china that features seeing round the ancient, civilized country with a history of 5000 years and traveling over a land of charm and beauty only in one day is the masterpiece titled pioneer of Chinese artificial scenery. The small mini china has everything from Forbidden City to Great wall and from potala palace to golden goose temple. The place was developed as a prototype village so that we can see the entire china without visiting the particular place. The folk and cultural shows make the place more interesting and make us feel in splendid china. It’s very weird and interesting to see the diverse china aggregated into the small but beautiful place. We take many snaps as we were able to simulate ourselves that we have traveled so many places in this beautiful country. The management and design of the park was superb. There were so many cultural shows and one of it looks exactly like the cultural show of Nepal, it must have been from south-western part of china. The environment was colorful and I feel sometimes I wonder how human made things looks so beautiful and charming. At last, we saw the cavalry battle show. It was the most fantastic and heart-throbbing show I ever had seen in china. I feel I was watching a sort of Chinese ancient movie as the waves of swords hit my ear-drum as two ancient warriors fight each other and show their skillful fighting skills simulating the historical war. It was the seamless journey of the historic china. The entire field in front of the eyes was battle ground and was filled with ancient soldiers and warriors. The claps were non-stoppable from audiences as it was very skillful and dangerous that ought to look like simulation in front of the eyes. Surprisingly, many of the performers were girls and their skill could be lauded well than of male counterparts.

The view center (D+2)

As I peep from the window of bus I can see twinkling stars far in the sky. The city has colorful lights as sun has already gone down and we were moving towards the Meridian view center, a window of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, the 79 storey building, and 384 m tall to see the beautiful Shenzhen city. As I get off from the bus, I was spellbound to see the big buildings leaning towards me. As I move myself into 360 degree, I feel I was lost somewhere in the middle of magnificent city surrounded by glistening and colorful mansions. The city was very clean, very well managed and looks completely fresh and virgin. We have to change the lift several times as the security officer welcomed us with her beautiful smile and escort us to the next lift. The lift moved very fast, the number 69 seems very small compared to the lift. Eventually we were at the top of the human civilization. As I look outside, I feel I was in the land of heaven. I can see beautiful, elegant and colorful city. I can see the enchanting view of beautiful Shenzhen and Hong Kong stretching seamlessly as far as I can see with my bare eyes. From generation to generation, both people natured by the long Shenzhen River, Shenzhen and Hong Kong have grown up together in one continuous line. The cross-sections of roads and traffics makes more alluring. A lot of modern high story mansions sprang up like bamboos shooting after a spring rain. I feel I am at the peak of development, after that there is dead zone. And I questioned myself the superiority of human-kind and Endeavour-The rationality of superpower.

The Russian Ship (D+3)

It was mid-day when we reached the place. The day was muggy; however, the cool breeze that passes through our ear makes us feel better and environment was subtle. The ship was stagnant, stagnant for many years but doesn’t look completely deserted and wasted. It looks very big, sophisticated and implicitly military ship. I have never seen this type of ship in my life except in BBC or some Hollywood movies. Before we went to make observation, there were some formal processions as the soldiers marched through the ground. The male and female soldiers parade like a Russian military and seem from the eastern European countries. It was the first time I was inside the ship (although it was not functional). We observe the ship, it was very big. There were several aircrafts landed on the top of the ship and modern communication equipment at the top of it. The ship looks very strong. I imagined how much iron it would have taken to make this ship and was amazed to see the development that happened many decades back. There were more military and cultural shows on the different parts of the ship. We move around the place and see the most sophisticated weapons and equipment. The cabin of ship looks deserted with wires coming out of the places and things left out in chaos with hole in radars screen. The ship has been laying there for many years and still has the centre of attraction for all the visitors giving glimpse of technological development and military importance that existed several decades back.

The land of paradise and E-friendship (D+3)

We were moving west from Shenzhen towards Zhuhai. Zhuhai is situated in the southwest of the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province. It faces Hong Kong on the east across the Lingding Ocean, Macau on the south, Xinhui and Taishan on the west, and Zhongshan on the north. It is 150 kilometers away from Guangzhou. Zhuhai is a garden-like seaside tourist city, where flowers blossom all year round. In 1999, it was granted “International Award for Best Practices in Improving the Living Environment” by United Nations Center for Human Settlement and was the only winner of the award in China. Besides, it won series of titles such as “Top Tourist City of China”, “State Garden Green City”, “State Environmental Protection Model City” and “State Hygienic City”.

We passed through Zhonshan city in the very hot day. As the bus stopped to fuel the gas we were able to buy some fresh fruits directly from the local farmers. The amazing sky-scrappers and bridges with tunnels became the daily bread of life to see. There was something more that was eccentric in my mind for a long time once the trip was fixed. It was all about meeting Melody, one of my best Chinese friends whom I know from the internet. We never know that we were going to meet in this way. The imagination was very vibrant and vivid that evening as I was expecting to see her. It was the place where virtual world was being projected in the reality, the dream came true.

Finally, in the evening we reached the beautiful place after passing through many green hill stations and ridges, seeing so many fishing ponds and banana trees. The terrain looks exactly like Nepal as the city stretches in the bank of the river. We saw different type of ships and boats in the dock.

It was evening in the lobby of year 2000 hotel where I was expecting to meet her. I even don’t know how to recognize her so I asked her to tell me the color of the clothes she was wearing but she told me that it’s not necessary. She was right. I was staying outside and waiting for a long time. Eventually she was in the lobby waiting for me. She looked calm and patient but a bit nervous. She speaks English very well. Her hairs and eyes looks similar to than in internet. She was thin girl and she complained about me for being slim. Her hairs were beautiful and sparkling in the rays of light. She was bit unhappy when I couldn’t speak Chinese with her but was convinced later as I told that I learned Chinese only for 15 days. It’s obvious that any language can’t be learned merely in fifteen days. We made our way towards the Chinese restaurant as she hadn’t had her dinner. I drank a glass of juice; the restaurant was not so crowded. She insists me to eat some soup with her but I refused. As I watch her using the chopsticks and eating, she feel bit embarrassed and shy. After I notice it, I moved my eyes somewhere else. It was a perfect evening after a long time and it was big surprise and it must have been a very good luck for both of us projecting ourselves in the real world. Finally, we made our way towards lover’s street. The city look calm, the bank was not crowded; the soft wind blew through our ears. I can hear the splashing water in the banks of the river, the coconut trees leaves waved too often. We watched the stars and the glowing ship that was parked in the bank. The moment was placidly romantic. It was like a miracle, I never know when I was going to meet her again in my life. Finally, it was too late and we decided that there should be the end of the beautiful evening in the bank of South China Sea leaving back the wonderful memories forever. That’s how life moves on and was an exemplary example of being optimistic about seamless possibilities in life. We moved towards our place, I was so exhausted with physically and emotionally that I fall asleep in no time leaving back the memory for a while.

The first cruise in South China Sea (D+4)

The day was beautiful as I push the curtain and look through the wide windows. The street has already started to show the movement of people and traffic and was wet because of the light shower in the night. The sun was ready for us to guide through the new day. We were expecting to have a cruise in the south-china see at 10 o’ clock. The feelings and emotions were rising high as it was the first time I would be traveling through the ship and see the sea. The cruising has been in my mind for a long time back once I started to know about the ship and watched Hollywood movies. We were at dock where many passenger ships were waiting for us. The internal tourism in the country has been flooded everywhere in China and this place was neither an exception. We were in the small ship that can accommodate more than two hundred peoples. As the ship moves on with its stereo-type sound coming from its engine, the water comes like a wave and splashes in the fringes. Sometimes, the tiny water droplets splash into the edges so hard that it sprinkles inside the ship. I didn’t hesitate to tease a small Chinese kid who was very shy although her mother insists him to say hello to me. As water seems like moving mountains, splashing here and there, the cold wind and the bumpy ship, sliding up and down. The water was sparkling and looks like a snow in a beautiful sunny day. I remember the old man and the sea, by Hemingway and had clearer pictured about the novel again that I had read in my high school. I was also scared that I may have sea sickness as people were hypnotizing the journey. We can see the slender and marvelous building at the bank of south-china sea, Macau- The former colony of Portuguese and the casino world. Casino is legal in only this part of the china. We can even see the symbol of Macau, the lotus flower in the bank. There were three bridges connecting the other two small islands of Macau, Zhuhai with Macau. Earlier, I was bit disappointed as I couldn’t buy the ticket to go at the top of the ship. The problem was communication and later there were no enough spaces. But the cruising in the ship was fantastic as I have realized that my fantasy to cruise and its projection in reality is surprisingly the same. As water and cool air sprinkle the journey, it became much more exotic. I can see the horizon in the first time in my life where the clear blue sky meets the sea. As I see hundreds of Water Mountains moving and splashing in the edge of the ship, I find the journey is never-ending process. I imagined how Columbus might have discovered America, no matter the journey was exotic but never ending process! Luckily, they allowed us to go at the top of the ship later and we were rushing to go there and take some beautiful snaps and it was again pleasant surprise at last. The human civilization sometimes makes me feel that there is nothing beyond human endeavor and superiority.

The glistening city and Pearl River (D+4)

The same evening we reached the Guangzhou as it was the end of our journey. But we were lucky that we were able to meet some of Nepali friends again and it was the second cruise that we take to see city that night in Pearl River. It was almost nine o clock at evening and we were waiting for Nepali friends in the port. I was surprised to see the open sex market in Guangzhou after seeing at Xian last year. It was again a big surprise for me when I met one of my high school friends after ten years. When I pronounced his name he was delighted and surprised and shocked but he couldn’t remember mine. My old friend can speak Chinese very well and as he speaks Chinese very fluently and feel so surprised and curious. It was hard for me to believe that foreigner can speak Chinese so well. It seems that it was an art of speaking and a fun to watch someone speaking it. The guy was doing post graduate degree in medicine. Finally, we were again inside the ship. The ship looks more modern than previous one. It has almost everything inside it and there were not so many peoples. The city was sparkling and glistening along the two banks of the river. As we pass through the bridge we shouted and scream for nothing but for excitement in Nepali language. We were even singing Nepali songs and were trying to create a perfectly Nepali environment. We feel we were somewhere in the beautiful lake of Nepal.

The pleasant breakfast (D+5)

The breakfast was all about eating. Surprisingly, it was something else for me this time. I was simply analyzing the people’s eating behavior and civilization in the early morning with the orange juice in my hand. Straight in front of my table were two beautiful Chinese girls with two kids who were ready for the breakfast with maize in their table. They were using the chopsticks but were eating breads. Far on the eleven o’ clock in the corner was the guy who was enjoying fresh water melon. Behind me at six o’ clock there were four white women who were slicing the bread and drinking a juice. The scrambled egg chef was always busy as the queue seems the most popular one. It must have been the best dish everybody likes from Africa to Asia and from Europe to America. It was difficult to turn but again I tried gently at five o clock to see who was behind me. There was a guy who has big arms with a tattoo. At 2 o clock pointing were the two guys from Seychelles, our course mates and were at the end of their breakfast enjoying some fresh fruits and salads. It seems that western peoples enjoy bread more than ever. Chinese were enjoying noodles with their chopsticks, the rest were enjoying rice. I started with coffee and ended up in orange juice seamlessly watching food choice of diverse peoples from diverse regions. It was the best breakfast I ever enjoyed as the surrounding was rich with diversity and it made the food more delicious and pleasant with the inquisitive and diverse environment. I even watched seriously how people eat the food, use the culinary and order of eating. There were huge gaps between haves and haven’t, still a long way to go to make a beautiful world and ideal world.


After wrapping of the holiday when we were back in our place, we were completely tired but were full of vivid and wonderful memories in our mind that would last for many years. Also we went for boating in one of the hot days. It was wonderful moment again roaming around the big glistening lake surrounded by tall and elegant mansions around us. On one weekend, we were invited by my Chinese friend to her university few kilometers west of my school. We went there and surprised to see how modern university looks like with big mansions, sporting and recreational centers and surprisingly big cafeterias. We visited several places of University and we went to dancing hall in the evening. It was fun seeing cultural program and dance party at the University. The environment was very good and there were different types of programs the student prefer. After my friend insisted too much, I even took the part in one of the caricature program and won the prize. I never did these things and I never feel shy anymore. Later we danced although it was very difficult for me as it was a Chinese dance but I tried to cope very hard. It was wonderful moment in the University and would be in my tributaries forever.
I finished the book Hemingway’s 49 short stories and started the new Chinese literature “The living Stone”. Eventually, the may was saying good bye for us and I had less than 50 days more in Nanjing. On retrospection, it gave me the best moment of the last nine months that will always remain in my tributaries forever.