Monday, September 07, 2009

US@May 2009 - Reminiscent of past

May 6, 2009 , Kathmandu
After traveling from all the way from Katmandu to St. Louis via Delhi-London-Dallas, it was exhilarating but a long and hectic flight with so many hassles of security checks and stop over. Delhi airport was crowded with many peoples lying in floors desperately waiting for their flight showing empathy of poor management of space by airport officials. We have to wait more than 7 hours to catch our connecting flights to Heathrow. It was wonderful moment when we start chatting with some of the Nepalese who were also bound to US but via different route. Conversely, stranded passengers waiting for more than a day to leave for Libya was pathetic. I had a good time with new friend Prakash who was leaving to Baltimore.
May 7, 2009 Heathrow international Airport, London
Security check of Heathrow sounds much more hectic as each individual has to queue and needs to put their liquids in a plastic bag before passing through the X-ray doors. But Heathrow airport was wonderful with so many terminals and wide spaces along with marvelous duty free shops. However, the internet is so expensive compared to freely accessible services internet in Hong Kong and Seoul airport. Finally we made our way towards Dallas via another British Airways flight after waiting couple of hours in huge terminal 5. Once we arrived at Dallas Airport, we have to start looking at American Airlines flight to St. Louis. The airport was very big and spacious. Finally after flying couple of hours, we arrived at St. Louis Airport. We had to wait for a long before shashi arrived to pick up. Then we went to one of the motel in St. Louis where shashi ordered a pizza and slept voraciously as we were so tired and exhausted.

May 8, 2009 St.Louis MO
Then the other morning we had delicious coffee and were preparing to leave for Anna in Illinois where marriage ceremony was offing. Amit was there for driving us all the way to Carbondale. Being the unlucky chap we were caught in traffic and the power failure even in US due to the terrible storm in southern Illinois. Most of the gas stations were shut down due to the power failure. Thanks for ladies who helped us to make delicious rice that we ate voraciously after two days of hectic travel at southern hills in SIU.

May 8, 2009 Woodland’s Retreat Cabin, Makanda IL
Finally we arrived at Anna where nice cabins with enough space, water, television, utensils and more importantly very natural built completely by woods were arranged by the Shashi and Katy. The place was awesome. Thanks to kabir for joining us that night and making it more memorable like a small katunje VDC of Nepal.
Deepesh did a wonderful job, he drove with his mom all the way from Nebraska to attend the marriage ceremony of his brother. The wedding rehearsal party in Anna was great with little kids doing fun and we were busy socializing with our new family members. Thanks for chuck and Linda for managing all those stuffs and giving us an ample opportunity to share the memorable time. JJ is great guy but I suppose he needs to eat more otherwise he will end up like me.
May 10, 2009 Anna IL
The wedding day was absolutely exhilarating. It was the fusion between the east and west. The melody behind the cotton was looming our ear drum so we feel emotional, happy and excited. The bride and bridegroom were eventually there and chanting of facilitator reminded me watching the discovery channel talking much about wildlife and forestry. The chap did a great job. The photo session was great; still we are waiting to see the professional photographs.
In the evening, the reception was wonderful with live music was heart throbbing Jessy dance was great! Man u should be somewhere in Hollywood what are you doing in Kansas? Common u still have time, it's not too late. The fusion of Nepali and English dance was vividly seen showing thediversity of culture and civilization. Vijay thanks for being a professional photographer, I think shashi made mistake by hiring someone else.
May 11, 2009 St.Louis MO
How a person could get married twice without getting divorce or annulment. But practically speaking in Nepal, polygamy is very common and even polyandry still exists in the remote site of Nepal. Katy was very happy to get married in Hindu-style. Her sister was complaining that she should get married two times tooo-----a filthy joke guys! Never do that…you will ruin your life.
May 13-15, 2009 Cadiz KY
We visited Cadiz, a small town in western Kentucky. We stayed in Lake House that was built in 70’s. It was wonderful moment grilling chicken wings in the evening. Thanks shashi it was delicious. We visited the park land between the lakes and the live museum simulating the US civilization two hundred years back. I invited receptionist to visit Nepal, u don’t need to make something like this here as our country itself is a demo. She was so surprised and she asked me “Am I Joking” I told her I am not good in jokes. Later she was inquiring her co-workers about Nepal and probably they must ended up in Google- thanks Sergery and Ben. We played bocce ball for the first time, it was fun and exciting, rolling the balls like kids in single digit. The dock was flooded so we use the sail boat to reach the dock. Shashi and Katy must have lost calories to take us to and fro from the dock as it was flooded. Wow! The motor boat was great. We start driving in the lake and were enjoying ourselves but we felt sorry for the birds that has nest with four eggs. We are sorry for you guys. Don’t worry u will have next eggs soon. In the way we saw wild goats, I couldn’t understand how they are going to survive in the island in the winter. Most of us jumped into the water as we have certified attendant and, we had confidence on her. It was so fun, memorable and exotic. Again the barbecue smells fly in the air. Also we feel sorry for Maxie, our neighbor who was very sad because somebody shot his dog. Ironically, we never ate KFC in Kentucky.
May 16, 2009 Carbondale IL
When we arrived in Carbondale again, Quarto's was there. That was something we ate for the last time in Carbondale. Finally we have to move to Chicago, we took Amtrak from Carbondale to Chicago. Passing through all the ways were same stereotype houses, big roads and thesame America! What else could we expect? We were so happy to see Kabir in the union station. Interestingly we feel our pain in an ass gone after eating delicious food prepared by Kabir. It was awesome, we were so tired exhausted and we feel so good to eat perfect Nepali cuisine. Thanks buddy! I would hire you as a chef if I open a Nepali restaurant somewhere in the west.
May 17, Chicago IL
The next day we were busy roaming around the downtown of Chicago. Sears tower, shed aquarium, millennium garden would always be there in tributaries of my mind. Thanks Vijay for giving us such a wonderful ride in such a hustling and bustling traffic. You did a great job.Definitely you deserve applause and could be recruited as a top chauffer if I ever start the transportation company .Spending time with Nisha didi’s family was great. It was an open atmosphere chilled with feelings of closeness of being nepalese I am pretty sure kabia and his sweet brother must be doing well and remember us sometimes. Don’t worry folks we will meet you guys again but don’t have solid idea at the moment. The goat meat and pappad was great! I like it. Thanks vinaju and nisha didi
May 20 Washington D.C.
Finally we had to say goodbye to Chicago and make our way towards the Virginia via DC. Amtrack again, but very long and lousy journey. Meeting the lance corporal, self-acclaimed programmer, and a jolly Columbian was a fantastic memories talking about different things from the wide spheres of life. The terrain was bit different as the train passes through the bank of river, somewhere you can see windmills at the top of hill stations.We arrived at Union Station at 2 pm. After waiting for couple of minutes, we saw a guy with a little kid. He is a Sanjib dai, who made all the way towards herdon, Virginia, We have to use red line orange line and again have to take bus to reach the sanjib dai’s place. We are very thankful to sushma Bhauju who made the most delicious food we have ever eaten. Still I remember that chicken curry so vividly that sometimes I feel I will go to Virginia again. Kids were so happy and they are so curious to checks our eyes whether its still open or not. The kid starts counting all the peoples whether we are there or not. He is gonna be a great mathematician .Her sister was so happy, content and beautiful,
May 21 Washington D.C.
We went to Lincoln Park, make our way towards the most powerful folk home - White House. We saw Capitol Hill and science museum. We ate a lunch at MC Donald. The little boy was so happy to have his new toy, There were arrays of government offices along the capitol Hill and its surrounding.
May 22 Herdon, Virginia
The following day we went to Kohl, ate papa john’s pizzas and chickens. They were so big that a single piece is enough for me. I was bit surprised how could a chicken legs and wings can be huge like that? Truly amazing America has big roads, big mansions and of course big woman's…lol thanks a lot sanjib dai and sushma bhauju we are very grateful to you. Kids were so cute.
May 23rd greyhound station, VA
Then we made our way towards Maine by greyhound. The journey started from DC and it was a long drive, we had transfer at New York. When we reached NY it was already dark. We came out of the union station as we have plenty of time to change another bus. Finally we were in the 43rdstreet. I was totally surprised, I couldn’t think. Wow…what an amazing big mansions everywhere, peoples are like bees in beehives. It's amazing, it's awesome, I feel like America is NY. We ate a pizza somewhere in the 46th street it was very big; I gave all my energy to chew it. Finally, our bus was there and we made our way towards Boston.
May 24th greyhound station, Boston , MA
We reached early in the morning in the union station. We were so happy when two Gujarati's workings for McDonald offer free French fries and chicken selects. They really liked us as we were from the same region. The final bus was ready at the morning to leave for Bangor from Boston
May 25th -28th Bangor , ME
It was tiring journey looking at the traffic and greeneries’ around. We reached greyhound station in Bangor, shashi and Katy were there to give a drive. It was rainy morning. We went to house and enjoyed the place, take rest, enjoy Nepali food as usual and make our way towards the bed. The weather was chilling cold. We stayed in Merrimac Street; it seems as the old town. Shashi made delicious barbecue of wings. The next day we make our way to Acadia National Park which is 27 miles, very big and huge park can be compared to one of the biggest city of Nepal. It has beautiful landscapes, we went to hills, and they call it mountains. We went to sand beach, the water was chilling cold but again some of them were freaking out to swim. The park was great; we can see the French bay.
After that we went to small city bar harbor. The following day we went to downtown of Bangor. It's simply the cross section of four streets, a very small one. But I can see court and sheriff’s office. Although the temperature was cold, here people think that its summer so they don’t wear clothes even though its cold. Psychologically its summer and it must be hot and it is hot for them but not for us. We went to see the University of Maine, everywhere the university seems alike, and particularly we went to the department of forestry and watch out activities. The other day we went to Wal-Mart. Thanks Katy for making lasania and tauca. They were dam delicious; you worked pretty hard spending couple of hours in kitchen preparing it. Gumba was again wonderful cat who has just adapted to new environment but clever enough to chase other cats in neighborhood. Seems gonna be the don of the neighbor. I feel good with chatting with Kabita the other dayafter a long time.
May 29-30, Boston, MA
It took four hours to reach the Boston downtown from Bangor. When we reached there we were searching for the Dinesh dai’s house. When we reached the place, nobody was there. Later everybody gets accumulated and there start the Nepalese socialization, talking about so much about our country, politician and the village. We went to Harvard square, saw the statue of john Harvard, and walk all the way towards MIT. Someone was playing a guitar in the pavement of Harvard square and it was so melodious that I feel America is Harvard square melodically. The other guy with a single wheel bicycle was showing his stunt- crazy fellow. However I like his stunts, they were awesome. In the evening delicious dinner was ready, thanks samjhana bhauju for your kind hospitality, a great applause for you. The kids were great, we just got amazed because they get confused to talk in Nepali and we are pleased to hear their real accent. That’s great. The next day we made bus and dock ride, it was fun. The chauffer was great chap who knows inches and inches of Boston, having more than 20 years of experience. Maybe better than the professor of history at Harvard. The guy describes us the city along with turtle and those amateur sailors, all about history of Boston. With more than 20 years of experience, he is Bostonworm. We meet bishnu Dai later in the evening thanks for his donuts they were so delicious. Kids were voracious eater. I was even surprised to meet RAJAN BHANDARI over there.After that we made our way towards the Maine again canceling our trip to New York. I was so sad but we had no choice. We stayed in Maine for two more days and make our way towards Nepal flying from British Airways from Boston via London via Delhi to Katmandu. We were logically crushed in pieces when we reached Katmandu because it was more than 27 hours travel. The hangover and jet lag remained for couple of days. Then the ball was in the square one again, doing our normal stuffs.
Finally I would like to thank all for making our trip wonderful . See you again……….