Tuesday, November 16, 2010


After working for 3028 days in Nepalese Army, I am getting honorable discharge from the Military. It was my choice. I started the career in military at the time when the insurgency was at climax. I still remember the General lauding us during our appointment procession  for showing devotion in Nepalese Army. At that time, it was Royal Nepalese Army. Now, it’s Nepalese Army, the tectonic shift in national politics. Presently the country is in transition and so am I.

Being armed force personnel throughout my career in youthful days, Military not only taught me values of discipline, obedience and punctuality but also emphasize the leadership skills and truly military attires. Something I will never ever learn in other public institution of this country. I am just wondering how I will be able to make myself integrated into the civilian life. I have emphatically spent memorable and bitter days in military. I see the light in horizon and I just want to be a decent human-being wherever I go whatever I choose and whatever I do. The basic principle of my life remains unchanged and the reflection of military life would continue to shine with good qualities that persisted and molded inside me for years. The odd ones, I have decided to leave behind. Military career will certainly create the perennial impact throughout my personal and professional life.

The life during insurgency, current political stalemate and the jittered and crippling peace process are some of the burning issues that the country would never ever forget in her history. The issues of democraticisation and reorganization of Nepalese Army, the reorganization of state continue to linger for the years to come despite of much public and political awareness.

I was just wondering about the integration of Maoists combatants into society and now I feel the same of integrating and rehabilitating myself in the new paradigm; it would not only be a sooth challenge but it will envision me to create new vistas, dimensions, and perceptions for the survival in the new environment. The green uniform, the veterans, and military paradigm would remain into my grey matter no matter what I do in civilian life. When I see the military in the parade, the basic military instinct craved inside me will propel to salute them. When I hear the military playing the tune of national anthem, I will stay in attention. When I see the big generals in front of me, I would respect them with courtesy. When I see the peoples in blue helmet in UN missions, I will think about Army. When I see the president getting ready for president salute, I will be in attention. When there will be natural hazards, I would be thinking about military. When there is emergency situation in the country, I would remember my pathetic days in 2005. When there will be war, I won’t hesitate to act a war analyst. When peoples talk about national security, I will put glass in my eyes.

If I don’t shave for a day, I may be wondering about myself and ask “Am I all right”? If my hair starts to grow longer, I can’t wait to trim. If I am saying NO SIR, I start worrying too much. If I am late somewhere, I will think today the earth is revolving faster. I won’t hesitate to say Hey guys I was a former Major so please just stop teaching me the values of patriotism and nationalism.

These things seem to be very fundamental issues for most of the people’s but for the person who have spent considerable amount of time in the green uniform, it means a lot and it continues to be…

I don’t know how I will reshape my life and what’s going to happen after I quit the military but certainly and surely, I have learned a set of skills and military values that is tightly shielded inside me and it will take time for the smooth transition into civilian life.

Lastly , not the least I would like to thank and salute all the service man and woman in the green uniform who has done a marvelous job for this nation and for this country despite of limited resources; compromising their family and social life. Special thanks to all the personnel of my department who has helped me in a difficult situation of my life and has always been my source of inspiration, motivation and a spirit to work in collaboration for our common goals of peace and development. Salute for the every person in green uniform ….….!!