Monday, January 03, 2011

Transition I

The Transition I

Even after traveling thousands of miles, the transition continues. I was really worried abut my long and hectic travel as I have to travel more than thirty six hours. Traveling for the first time in plane was fun after that it has always been the pain in an ass. The military attire and flashback continue to rule me even after months away from the discharge. Nevertheless, I was excited, thrilled, and tempted to start the academic career and family reunion in the new environment. The worst part of the travel was I lost the wallet. It was an antique and I didn’t have the precious thing beside few dollars and driving license from Nepal.

As I reached the Carbondale, the temperature was freezing. The following day, it   snowed. I was so lucky to feel the snow for the first time.  We played with snow; it was fun and amazement for the first time. Since the university is closed till fourth of Jan, I was not able to finish administrative processing’s. We went to Wal-Mart, International Grocery and other stores in the town. Carbondale is the small university town 5 hours away south from cosmopolitan city, Chicago by train or bus.

Evergreen Terrace is the student housing for the students with family. I was glad to see mom and dad. Later Shashi , Katy and Ella joined. Kabita was stucked in NY for couple of days because of snowstorm. Finally she was able to fly to St. Louis.

All of us were together and we enjoyed eating nepali food in the family. It was fun and excitement. We also visited university premises although it was closed. I went to geography department, there were lot of postures and pictures. Later we went to one of the Japanese restauarant in the town and we tried Japanese food. The other day we went to theatre in university mall and watched tourist. It was fantastic movie. Since we don’t know much about this small city so it was fun going here and there without knowing where we are going.

I still remember the Nepal and my job vividly although it has been the past like the year 2010. All I need to do is to cherish the New Year 2011 as the transition continues. Carbondale is going to be my home for at least next two years.

Happy new year to all of you..