Sunday, April 03, 2011

After 100 Days

  It’s been more than hundred days now.  Life keeps moving faster than before, conspicuously with the insignia of hope and ambitions flying higher and faster than ever. The school keeps on making me busy and I was moving vividly in the vicinity of indulgent philosophy towards the rationalism of religious neutrality, boasting myself away from the religious fascist and materialistic wilderness of surroundings.
I was busier in starting the local chapter of secular student alliance. It was exciting and challenging task as the school doesn’t have that society. We keep on posturing and chalking around the campuses, engaging ourselves for endless meeting to make it happen. The Newton fish we chalked in the school were fading away slowly but we were more excited when we realize that more baby newton fish started to cripple eventually. It was a big motivation and synergy for us. Although, we didn’t expect large chunk of students who were interested in our group yet we were firmly committed towards the presence of the organization which is going to be milestone of our movement. 
The sustainable development lecture sound more interesting than before. As we watch the documentary Corporate – the hopes of sustainability were seamlessly at horizon and it was more than frustration, the ideal of ideality and the fictitious reality of environmentalist and green movement activists. The different buzz word really helped us to understand the multidimensional facet of sustainable practices yet looking around the capitalistic society, the receptions sounds inadvertently weak.
But the global impacts in the climate change is at alarming rate, the recent incident of leaking of radioactive elements at Fukoshima shows the havoc that is having a rippling affect throughout the globe in no-time, the worst nightmare for one of the  leader in the sustainable technology and a big challenge to the environmental scientists, economists ,and  political pundits. How the environmental ecology and catastrophe affect the social, economic and political equation?
The barbecue party, the cultural show and food festival was not merely a social event but it was the representation, collaboration, and cohesion among different countries to show up their food and cultural etiquettes in entirely a global arena. It was fun making the Momo whole evening – though I was not sure about how to make it ? It was merely breaking the tip of an iceberg and subsequently I learned a lot. Cultural and food festival were amazing. Thanks to the wonderful participation of many countries and especially our Nepalese counterparts for their amazing performance and showing the unity among diversity.
Retrospection of the last 100 days, there were environmental extremities that I encountered much with. As the silt and snowflakes fizzle away, it was exotic and adventurous event in freaking cold days. The last couple of weeks were extremely busy as the labs were infected with Trojans and viruses and that has to be cleaned with the strict protocols of IT department of school. It was long and tiring job but we were happy when the system was restored.
The weather was warming up and I could feel the heat coming far away. It was fun just walking in the park near-by and seeing the blue water in the reservoir where hundreds of ducks swims, laughs and smiles every day. The place where children play seamlessly, the environment where nature and human interaction was more natural than anywhere. It was just fun when seeing the matrix of the environmental entities and their actions envisioned in three-dimensional space. The worst thing about the park is all about fishing. I don’t understand how fishing could be such a great fun for the people. I would be exploring about it more in the days ahead.
The other day we went to watch the movie limitless directed by Neil Burger. Bradley Cooper  role as a young guy who got introduced with drug that will unfold the potentiality of human mind.  The movie was interesting to watch though it focuses more on materialistic empowerment rather than social and emotional manifestation an individual passes through with the sudden changes in body’s internal dynamics. The weird part of the movie was drinking the blood of human to inject a drug was not merely insane act but individual wish to survive till the last second.
As the spring was in our door-step I was busy in practicing and exploring new stuff I encountered in my life. The military attitude keeps on adherent and strong inside me and I have realized it will take some months if not years, if not decades to vaporize that has a deep legacy rooted inside.