Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Wind Moves On..........

It was blatantly a horrifying and a thrilling experience when tornado was about to hit the Carbondale. As usual I used to hear the Tornado warning siren every Tuesday in the school and used to be curious of its importance and its existence in the beginning. The tornado passed through Carbondale that evening and It seems that peoples were so scared although I couldn’t realize what was going on as it swept away in the evening. It was an amazing and scary experience in the juxtaposition of inquisitiveness and fear as we get piled up inside our house and continue to check the website for the weather updates.
The school keeps on moving faster than before and I realized that everything is going to end soon, at least for a while. So there were lot of papers to write, many labs to finish and finals to take.  One of the weeks was the busiest week for me in the Carbondale, I became cunningly busy. It was an enjoyment and make me feel that time is moving seamlessly and endlessly. There were couple of field visits in different parts of town for the sustainable development class and I really enjoyed the surrounding of the school. Chef Bill’s interesting lecture about making the dining hall sustainability, GMO’s to Laura’s briefing on Organic farming. It definitely aided to visualize multidimensional facet of an environmental problems and social responsibilities. Although, I had never taken any classes in Human Geography, I felt it was the best class I had ever taken in my life although the hopes for sustainability cripples and creeps in horizon despite of global awareness in climate change. The advancement in technology and green technology practices we are adhering shows some glistening hopes ahead in contributing towards the sustainability of environment.
Secular student’s alliance picnic on May 3rd at Giant City Park was fantastic.  As we move our caravan towards the park, it was beautiful dawn and we missed the way at first and were traveling towards the cemetery. Barbecue experiences and playing golf for the first time were amazing retrospection that would never get evaporated. Lot of barbecue parties was happening in the vicinity of the Carbondale.  The other day we went to Hanger 9 and It was wonderful experience listening country music.  It was a great time to cool down the grey matter after hectic weekdays.
The other day I met one of the students from Iraq who would be studying Physics soon.  It was a great time sharing each other’s experience about different facets of life. What are the barriers for non-English speaking students and how he is striving hard to make it work in short-time to start his PhD program? The park was a good place to explore the naturalism and It has already been my best friend to share the joy and happiness.  As we used to walk through the bank of reservoirs, the strong wind splashes into the water and it makes the reservoir lively. The fish starts to pop up and the fishing rods are ready! I was flamboyantly trying to understand the people’s keen interest in fishing. I would continue to dig more.
The poster completion was incredibly interesting and I made first poster in my life. It was a kind of accomplishment for me and I realized what are the basic things that I really need to take care of to make the poster. The department’s fare-well program was inspirational and we were happy to share the achievements of so many members inside our department.

Finally the semester was over and I am looking forward to start my summer ;) I felt I survived!!! for 140 days in Carbondale. Enjoy the beautiful weather and a summer ;)