Friday, June 24, 2011

After Six Months....

June 24, 2011
Carbondale, IL

The days have already started to creep, inherently long and dry, explicitly muggy and humid, life seem to freeze in the mid-day and waiting for more severe hot weather to experience. The hot weather has puffy effect in the life-style of an individual compelling them to stay inside office mansions or in an apartment. Nevertheless, days were extremely lousy most of the time but a kind of juxtapose culminated.

Trip of Kentucky to visit the biblical museum was not a noble idea proposed by Ben as we love to get indulged with atheism and secular humanism; however it was the decent idea to think the same from another facet of the cube, a metaphor for so hyped rapture. The trip was exciting when the Irene’s car got broke in the middle of highway, as we try to do drama of mechanic; the idea got flopped in no-time. Luckily, we were successful in reaching the workshop near-by with Eric’s calmness to drive, then got our car fixed and drive towards the museum. As we reach the museum, I was blatantly shocked by the comparison of Darwin’s Evolution Theory with God’s Evolution or Revolution Theory of seven days or whatever it is..!.  We walked through the each of the chambers, passing through the devout Christian each time; it was an embarrassing and illogical findings and comparisons that severely lack empirical reasoning. The movie they show at last not only undermines the achievement of human-kind in science and technology but on top of it, it uses the animation technology to describe the Christian religion and refuses to anticipate the development of science and technology. Later, we move to see the some horses and strange animals that make us feel better and finally we move towards our way after having wonderful Dinner at Meditarean, Louiseville, seeing the huge Ohio River and make our way towards Carbondale, Illinois.

The other day, Ben, Irene, and I made the wonderful hiking experience at the little Grand Canyon. It was such a memorable experience as we lost the trail and we got freeze inside the swamp. The mosquito bites seamlessly and the bruises were all over our body, a kind of scary experience but fully interesting, thrilling and adventurous when we lost the trail and had to walk straight through forest to reach parking lot.  As the Ben uses his compass compassionately, we were successful in making our way towards the parking lot and got surprised when we reach the place exactly from where we started it. It was lot of fun with so many bruises, at the end of the day, sleep was so strong and deep that I never realize it could be so beautiful and perfect unknowingly!!

The following day, we went to tear trail hiking. The hiking was very short but was memorable in a sense that we nearly got caught up by tornado when we were coming back. We got so surprised to see the power outage in the small town of Anna and sneak inside the rural ice-cream parlor to have strawberry ice-cream.

The other day, we end up in paddling boat in campus-lake and felt so sad when we saw couple of dead turtles floating in the water. Absolutely free-ride in US, never experienced something free like this!. The poor squirrel got fall from one of the tree near Campus Lake as we walking to the trail, it was staying standstill and we thought we have missed of the beautiful creature of this world. After waiting for a while, and getting disappointed about the pain of the innocent squirrel, I made the way towards it to see from near. Amazingly, squirrel ran away and head towards his/her home. Watching movie Panda in the theatre of University mall was another fun with full of laughter and amusement. It was after ages I have watched the movie like this but it was beyond my expectation and I enjoyed it so much.

Murphysboro Wine and Art Festival was so much fun with so many wine-stalls and music performed. I was so happy to see many peoples in the surrounding after a long time and it was amazing experienced as friends got drunk taking the sip of 36 different wines, they can taste! absolutely after paying the ticket price!
Band Perry performance in Herrin was one of the most wonderful moment I spend listening the live music in my life. With thousands of peoples and the beautiful weather, the chord of guitar looms far above the sky and echoes the ear-drums in the dawn. If I die young…., is a wonderful country side song sang by Band Perry, it just stretches further away very far away from this materialistic world making your tributaries in your mind relaxed.

Again, the sunset concert started this month and it was so excitement seeing another “Space Capone “band in the school. The chaos of coke and bear cans, the trash getting full in no time and crazy folks (including myself) dancing was so much fun, the indication of hot but beautiful moment of the year in door-step. It marks the end of six months in Carbondale, still inherently struggling hard to adapt in the academia and to enjoy free civilian life after a long military-service but the shadow is going farther away, melting faster than ever unknowingly.