Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall of 2012:Reinventing Myself....

  Light At The End of The Tunnel : source: vidomosti-ua.com

Time was moving faster than ever and the life is traversing through the continuum of  metamorphosis, swinging like a virtuous cycle of weather in mid-west. The change would be inherently different and complete the transition to civilian life as a student at SIU for two years. It was a remarkable experience in terms of culture and academic career. Now, it’s less than 18 official days in Carbondale. The days were extremely busy, fast, and exciting with the last cycle of academic stress fading away faster than ever. Spending endless and seamless time in EGIS lab, wondering about the where I will be gone in next few weeks. Thinking about careers and interview cycles, and wondering about the spatial cubicle where I am going to fit.

The last six weeks has been like speeding a car in 500 miles per an hour in stress and enjoyment, the juxtaposition of  life. The most fantastic and mind boggling lectures of Agent based modeling entrapped with the phenomenal articulation of Hexmoor that certainly has the royal blend of appreciation and motivation. The course navigates you in the extremes of two different sciences, the logics of metaphysics and knitty-gritty of computing systems intercoupled with natural adaptive systems. The phenomenal examples of social and natural science theories that have rich ingredients of agents and multi agents’  systems that human always envision of , compels researcher's on developing these complex adaptive systems by analyzing the microscopic behavior of  natural agents.  Evidently, it became the best class I ever took at SIU and elsewhere in my life, leaving the intellectual residues inside my grey matter.

The volleyball and soccer games that rejuvenated the spirit of sportsmanship and helped to stretch our muscles  and helped to feel the helm of nature. Irony to that, we had to limit our self to participation in matches without any glorious victory that we always dreamed of. Nevertheless, it was fun while playing in a team, appreciating the sports and feelings the nice and beautiful weather, and lovely football ground of SIU near the Clock tower in Carbondale.

The sinusoidal wave of climate curve in mid-west and getting acclimatized with ups and down of nature. Intercoupled with the climate behavior, the climate of politics was also intertwined into grooves of concentric circles that have always been difficult to traverse. The global security issues that’s lingering for ages in middle east seems more escalated and triggered, the Libya and uprising of Arab Springs were a global political debate. The American presidential debate of Obama and Romney created the synergy of political wave in the multi facet dimensions of national, regional, and global scale inside and outside of America. The downfall of Obama in the first debate and the bouncing back in third presidential debate along with the grinning of Joe Biden has been ratified by the people of America. The lesson: we need better health care, education, jobs and immigration reform. Will Obama be able to keep these promises? - Without the help of republicans in congress! , his close allies and Americans. Good luck to president in solving the chaos of economic downturn, regional and global issues, and expectation of American dreams. The country has been highly polarized in the decades with red and blue. Obama’s most astounding address at 130 in the morning, the day he was reelected the president, was the foundations of ideologies that are sparkled in the mind of  majority of Americans.

The other day, we spend endless hours talking about society, politics, imperialism and socialism. We know we are not going to change the world and I don’t want it either but it’s always fascinating when Eric, Diwas , and myself get together and deeply indulged in social science deemed in the false virtual hope by pretending like a social scientist and architect. It’s getting cold and I feel like I have to stop riding my bike but I felt like I love this bike more than everything else. The bike will be in craig-list soon!! Sorry dude…..! I am fanatically poor.

The job interviews were cunningly interesting in the beginning but used to be the same rhetoric of similar questions. It was fun to talk with many people and experience the interview processes. Some of them were very difficult and I realized I need to spend 6 hours credit course of mastering it. I am still in the process of getting a job but overwhelmingly excited and motivated because of these interviews. The first on-site interview was at St. Louis, and then I traveled to Little Rock for another interview and will be traveling to Denver next week. It was great experience and learning something out of the box in life.

The changing leaves at the Garden of Gods, the sediment rocks and the 360 degrees views of Shawnee national forest showed the glimpse of natural beauty of southern Illinois. The Indian Cultural night and my performance as a Maharashtra lad was fanatic if not utterly lunatic,- I don’t know anything about the culture and a dress that I was wearing that day. It was second experience in a year doing a stage performance in front of hundreds of people, thanks Carbondale you taught me that!

General David Patreaus fall down was shocking to me but it was a retrospect of masculine glitch. Nevertheless, the general will always be saluted for his long career in armed force and making the war strategies and doctrines. I still remember when consular officer asked me about whom really I admire? when I was interviewed for US visa in May 2008. Being a military officer, I gave him the solid snapshot of General Patreaus who was commanding the force in Iraq in 2008.

November 2012, Murphysboro, IL - Little Grand Canyon
Watching James Bond Sky fall, 23rd installment of Bond series at Carbondale mall was exhilarating experience although I like Pierce Brosnan than Daniel Craig. Surprisingly, this theatre was almost full for the first time in Carbondale. It was great experience to watch with so many peoples in the Theatres. I don't watch movies in Television or Laptops because I don't have a good one or maybe I love to watch with many people. Again, hiking at Little Grand Canyon for the last time of the year where we saw fallen leaves and beautiful scenic. It was an incredible experience.

Carbondale got deserted!! Oh I just realize it was Thanks Giving! Week. Enjoy the holiday season and I look forward to spend wonderful time for next 18 days at Carbondale officially!..D+18

Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Change.....Summer of 2012

The  long summer days were fading further away towards the end but were naturally gorgeous. The temperature was crazy rises  hundreds for a week and cools down little in a while, taking us to and fro in a natural helm. The school and Carbondale looked utterly deserted. We made the way towards little grand canyon. The hiking in little grand canyon near Murphysboro is one the nearest place where you can hike in Carbondale. Although Its been couple of times but hiking has been passion and a fashion,  the ease  outdoors that cost null but excitement and few Nat bites.The trees looks warm and soft, gentle and calm. The brink of physiological change  induces the environment in the realm of natural perfection with minimum faunas diversities.
Grassy Lake, IL , 2012

I got lost in nature for a while every-time when  running  near campus lake and evergreen terrace park, the environment endlessly takes us to the realm of natural fantasy. I became more indulged with nature and get amazed each time seeing the beautiful terrain and landscape mesmerizing the mind for perennial utopia. The summer barbecue and momo’s (dumpling)  were a part of life as we were sandwiched between the eastern and western culture. The gardening in the pleasant hill road  was not only a fun but was a place to know much more about farming of larger community from all around the world and triggers to know about the fertile soil and agricultural industry and organic farming.

Berry Picking in the farms of southern Illinois was another wonderful experience. Traveling along the way of different wineries and vineyards gives the glimpse of exotic adventure you can feel down in  mid west.The modernized and scientific agricultural system and berry picking was so phenomenal that fresh berries from farm was sticked in the tongue forever.  As the wine testing begins and bartender starts to explains the bits and bytes of wine, I get indulged with soda with  cautiously listening to the metaphor of wineries. As the miles picks up ball seamlessly in one of those wineries west of Carbondale, we felt  the passion of miles and natural beauty of the place was simply the analogy of each other. Earlier days eating the pies and German-menu restaurant at Alto Pass  and traveling along the Bald Knob Cross - the symbol of peace with its aesthetic beauty sparks the imperialism of Christianity.

Watching the movie Dictator ,That’s my boy, The dark knight rises, Hangover part II, Ted , were great experience in a quiet theater in  University mall.  Then there was series of summer concert where you can dance, dance and dance , something that you can enjoy free in Carbondale and drink a beer, be a part of  the huge crowds in this University town.

Football and Volleyball mania were helping us for the physical and made the  sporty summer. Then three days in Kentucky trip was awesome, where we had great barbecue ,roam around the beaches of land between the lakes. The other week Grassy lake boating was fantastic beside the hook get stucked down deep in the big log that was eventually pulled out. It was so much fun when jumping in the middle of the lake! in the cool and warm fresh water.

Traveling all the way to Southern Kansas and Omaha was a great experience. The South-en Kansas looks amazingly dry and deserted with less floras and faunas scared me of the rural America. Omaha was pretty nice city with decent size and looks green and amazing with little ups and down of terrain. Zoo in Omaha was fantastic where we can see the collections from all over the world , more specifically, the aquarium was gorgeous. However, i felt more pity towards most animal who are confined in a small geographic space, leaving way there lee-way. I am comprehending whether man could have saved the dinosaurs from the extinctions if we had museum or It’s simply the human encroachment and imperialism. I will think twice about visiting to zoo next time as it really hurt me from inside.

Then  other day we met a  troubled woman in a bar  when  discussing the philosophy of  our life, and again meeting her co-incidentally in front of ice-cream parlor was amazing experience.
Rock climbing in recreation center was fun and memorable experience.  The skillful way of doing things and learning about fundamental skills were important rather than accomplishing a short goal of climbing  that we accomplished in no-time.  The lecture of Agents by Dr. Henry,  the best lecture in my life was simply the abstraction of  philosophy, technology, and nature. It literally proved the natural systems are the best system to portray any human achievements. The modeling of agents and his articulation compels to comprehend forever. The meeting at SSA after ages was refreshing and motivating with peoples sharing the box of same belief and ideology.The friday night as usual , Cali’s was restructured ,and the Carbondale is wild and crazy again.

Dr. Schoof’s potluck program where Dr. Lant’s Fishery101 lecture was an art and craft of fishing, something i never understand  why people are so fond of it but  motivated  me for the quest of  digging it deep down. Finally, the fall has already started, the presidential campaign has gain momentum like hurricanes  Isaac, Leslie etc. and would continue to have more impacts on national and international level.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

2012 to 2069 - The Game of Number

When I pull the curtain of window in bedroom, the white snow has already covered the ground. It was the first snow of the season. We were about to leave for a trip of 2700 miles all the way to New York from Illinois. That was one of my dreams to travel all the way from Midwest to east coast. We left the Carbondale at 6:45 in the morning and passed through the Marion seeing the first car pooled off. As we move further east towards Indianapolis and then Cleveland, we saw couple of wreck. Amazingly we had to fix our watch when we enter the Eastern Time zone.  We decided to stay in Ohio. The other morning, weather was pretty and sky was blue and clear, it looks cunningly beautiful. The Pennsylvania looks endlessly gorgeous with high and low ridges, the terrain looks amazingly unevenly plethora, I felt that was the most beautiful state I ever had visited in US. As we move into the New Jersey, It was already 3:00 PM, the traffic looks restless, giving us the flashback of New York, the headquarter of the world.

The New York looks amazingly beautiful at least in the aesthetic beauty, perhaps the most diverse conglomerate of man kind. The big mansion, the bridges, the crowded peoples didn’t lured and enticed me as it looks recklessly and chaotically fanatic. The scenery from the bridges of New York looks so hilarious and yields us to rethink about the superb civilization of human beings.

From Hoboken New Jersey, We look at the spectacular view of New York City. The other day we took a ferry to Staten Island, perhaps that is the only free things you can expect in the city like NY. New York metros looks so much complicated but I remembered the metro in Beijing in 2007 that looks more horrible and crowded. However, traveling through the metros in the big cities is not appealing as it should be, you will be always leaving the life of uncertainty if you are not a day to day commuter. We saw the financial capital of the world, Wall Street, one of the worst tragedy of human civilization, the bases of demolished twin tower. The city looks very vibe with plethora of diversity and for me, a chaos of uncertainty. The people will gather in the new year-eve celebration in Manhattan.

The other day we went to Co-Co Key water resort in Mt. Laurel, NJ and had one of the best experiences in the life. It was so much fun as we pass through the tunnel.  The Queens looks like a typical Indian city like Banaras where you have to think whether you are in US or not, the diversity in queens and the environment in queens look very uneven than typical cities of the United States. Perhaps, being the land of immigrants and home of hundred of countries, Queens represents the unique perception in New York City. It could be interesting to analyze the dynamics of heterogeneous society for sociologist and cultural anthropologist but for me it was obstructively pathetic.

The day was New Year eve. We decided to go for Dance Party at 42 Route 46 in Wayne, NJ. I was so lucky to win two T-Shirts. That was the great time, the excitement for New Year, the seeds of thoughts, the emotions of present, and the inspiration for the future.

Finally, on the day of New Year 2012, we decided to travel to Atlantic City, the city of casino in the east coast in the beach of Atlantic Ocean. It was really a big co-incident that Pit Bull was in the ocean city, the very day. Atlantic City looks calm in winter but again the city of passion and fashion lures us. Although, it was not a summer time, city looks uniquely blended.

I was so disappointed to see the casinos for the first time in my life,  I  saw how humans are mechanized in front of those tiny machines seamlessly for endless hours , the passion and indulgent of an addiction. I played in casino for the first time, surprisingly; I was not so excited although I won the first game.
Seeing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time was an exhilarating experience. The sand was cold; the wind was chilling but the passion to see the ocean for the first time was euphoric and tranquilizing.

The houses in the beach looks awesome, absolutely peculiar and the sounds that you can hear in the early morning shows the life is same 24 hours a day, the clock keeps on ticking seamlessly. Later we traveled back to Queens and ate in Indian Restaurant, the food was great. The other day we came back seeing the wonderful ridges of Pennsylvania, stayed again in Ohio, finally we were back at Carbondale.  I felt good and excited, to see my home for a year. It was such a wonderful trip for me traveling more than 2700 miles and seeing the natural beauty and the civilization of eastern US.

The school started again, the chilling weather was on the door-way. School makes the life exciting but busy. Amazingly I never realized that I was in the middle of the semester and the spring break is already over. The Tornadoes hit badly in Harrisburg, which was only 50 miles away from Carbondale. I felt sorry for the loss; the Midwest is prone to this catastrophic weather. We never know the other one might be coming anywhere. As the temperature goes off and the spring shows up with beautiful buds and leaves in the plant, I realized that life is moving faster than ever and happy to enjoy the wonderful weather outside. The international cultural show 2012 was memorable experience for me.

Finally I am expecting for the summers very soon as the odd weather become terrible, killing 5 peoples in the Oklahoma Tornadoes; back in Nepal, people have just celebrated New Year 2069 – giving not only the glimpse of 12 hours ahead but a feelings of 57 years ahead!! – Happy new year to all of us, the numerical illusion of 2012 to 2069!!