Sunday, January 06, 2013

Reminiscent of Carbondale 11/12 and Inspiring : Five L

January 5, 2013

Its been almost three weeks after my graduation. Graduating again after ten years!! After applying for more than 150 job applications, I started getting opportunities to have phone interviews. I had more than thirty interviews, each of them lasting almost an hour,  and more than dozen were in queues. Four of them were for on site interviews. 
December 15, 2012, Carbondale, SIUC
  All those on-site job interviews coincidentally started with loving – L. Alphabets in Laramie, Lawrence, Louisville, Little Rock and St. Louis. That was a co-incidence. I don't think I did biased sampling or any statistician can figure out the degree of uncertainty of other places and correlation among these L.I used first in first out (FIFO) queue the fundamental queuing theory , I accepted the offer.................., yes!!  I have my first job offer and I have decided to move to Lawrence, Kansas,  one of the best ten college town in nation,. I am excited and thrilled to move to start my first job after a long grad school.
way to Kansas, few months earlier...!
It was so painful for me to cancel all other four interviews of the next weeks. They have already booked the planes and hotels. But I just wanted to be honest and I liked the small team and the office environment that specialized on knowledge management, I got it in the first shot. I was unemployed for four days !! Gosh! It was a holiday that slugged the hiring manager's spirit. On numbers, I will be unemployed for 13 days.
Evergreen Terrace , after a heavy snow fall!!
The academic journey was over on December 15. I remember every days I spent at Carbondale for last 784 days (This is not an absolute measure...), Numbers are just a numbers. I will be missing Carbondale more than ever. Few weeks back to release the stress, I went to watch a movie This is 40, paul and leslie's wonderful settings navigated me towards a ten years ahead of my life. It was so much of great inner feelings yet  cunningly fishy and too much of romantic drama. Oh ! I started getting scared of future. Hmm...who invented time ? Stop the clock forever and see...This is 19.

EGIS labs, the clock tower, Evergreen Terrace Park, The Reservoir , PK's , Hanger 9, the train;s sound at midnight ',  Dancing in Cali's, the university lake,Morris Library, soccer ground, rec-center, … poor bike are some of entities that I will be remembering in my tributaries forever. I will miss all of you and all of my friends who were always helpful to me. I am always with you, those memories will always encircled around the tangent  that passes through the grey matter of my life everyday.The spirit of graduation day  and strong sense of confidence that I got from the SIU really helped me to mold my personal and professional goals. I salute all of them who were part of it and helped me in this transition.
My poor bike, Carbondale, IL December, 2012

Some mind-boggling memories were: Grassy Lake trip, Kentucky Cadiz Trip, Garden of Gods, SSA, Getting Lost in Little Grand Canyon, Alto Pass, winery-trip, berry picking, cultural show, dipawoli night, Giant City, driving to new york,the last new year dance at NJ , Trip to Kentucky, Scuba Diving, Summer Concerts, chalking for SSA, Julie's Sustainable Class, Hexmoor Agent Based Modeling Class, Creation museum trip to Kentucy with SSA folks, and other endless happenings at Carbondale, you all are all part of me. Eric's insatiable quest of knowledge domain!, Something I always remember forever and appreciate.I miss you all!

More than eight inch of snows in Carbondale was something I never saw in the last two years ( its very small number ), it was so much fun to play with snow in the last week of stay at carbondale, we walked all over the snow and enjoyed the kids skiing  in their boards in Carbondale reservoir.

Then driving here and there for a job interviews were even more hectic and stressful. Now I am little bit stressed with moving, arranging the logistics, needs to pack off my stuffs and move ahead.

Yep...I am a Kansas boy now. Lawrence, Kansas! Welcome to the America's top 10 college towns. I will be moving there this week. Oh! Ya at last, I went to watch a movie Jack Reacher! yesterday, I remember the words of  Tom Cruise. Why the person serve military ?
1. To maintain the family tradition
2. To be a patriot
3. To get  a job
4. To kill a people.

Let me add one more, I became military to be a pacifist! Here it ends the story of transition of being student and civilian for last two years.I will start my new blog living in “Lawrence : Navigating 360 degrees”. And this will officially complete my blog TRANSITION!!

I love you and miss you Carbondale.

January 6 2013 Evergreen Terrace Carbondale