Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lawrence in Nutshell

Lawrence, Kansas is a small beautiful town in the western outskirt of Kansas City and 245 miles east from Geographic Center of US, Lebanon, Kansas. The sixth largest city in the state of Kansas with the population about 90,000, the double size of Carbondale, IL. It was probably the worst time of the year to be at Kansas in the early January of 2013. It was my first job!

The iconic legendary of basketball, Naismith and University of Kansas makes Lawrence, the beautiful University town. The downtown spans across north to south that looks ancient in the flanks of Massachusset street. The Indian Palace at MA, the Chinese buffet at 23rd street , Chillis at Iowa street along with dozens of restaurants in the downtown street makes the place lively to eat and amazes the culinary interest of the resident of Lawrence.The 23rd west street drives all the way towards the beautiful national park and a majestic Clinton lake.

The other day we explored one of the downtown bar of lawrence where the young students were chilling in the weekend. Like most university towns, the crowd is young and vibe , the town looks inherently sporty with each bars and restaurants showing the legacy of the town, the basketball.

The other remarkable day in lawrence KS was watching the young students show in the of public schools of Kansas. It was a truly artistic performance of kids. We also visited Kansas City, that lies in the border of Missouri and Kansas city looks even more amazing and intrinsically antique. With the horses and chariot to ride,the city looks like an ancient european town.

However, the geography makes the Kansas inherently flat. The shrubs along with small trees and the flat land makes the place, aesthetically different and away from nature. The gigantic clinton lake and the national park gives some natural feelings. After living two years in Carbondale , IL where I was seeing lot of greenish and water bodies -Lakes, I missed nature a lot beside missing the majestic himalayas and terrains of Kathmandu, Nepal

The trip to Humboldt Kansas to visit my niece used to be fantastic open-wide roads with few traffic passing by. As you move more towards the south, the land is even more flat and you feel you are leaving the nature further away, perhaps miles and miles away.

Th company was small and perhaps the historic in a sense that it was my first job in US. My manager was absolutely awesome guy. The team was excellent. However, I decided to move to the Louisville , KY after living for in Lawrence, KS for 150 days. I knew it was little early but I have to move on in search of destiny – sometimes you never know that and the fate of time will decide about your decision. Thanks Lawrence, KS, you showed me the way ;) and the same L is hunting me again.......Louisville now. I am excited with the greeneries of Louisville!!, I know the lust for Kentucky Fried Chicken will never remain the same. See me in Louisville, KY!